Hi, I'm Keith Selmes, and this is my website, Pictured On Paper.
I've spent most of my life in South Devon, in the South West of England, much of it in a very rural environment. While the principal cities are growing, the county remains largely agricultural, and popular with tourists. With sea to north and south, and outcrops of high moorland amongst the rolling countryside, there is a quality in the land and light, the kind that artists look for in Cornwall and Brittany.

For the outdoors photographer, Devonshire offers many opportunities, with its varied scenery, its wildlife, and the wild ponies on Dartmoor.
Indoors, my studio work is usually done with natural light, using plants and flowers from the garden, or any objects that will make a still life.

Most of my photography now is digital, although some of the prints here will have been scanned from film. The combination of digital camera and computer allows the photographer control of the creative process from start to finish, to an extent that was seldom possible with film.
At the same time, in house printing technology is now adequate for long lasting digital prints, equally good for strong or subtle colours, and for real black and white prints.

Aside from the digital work, I've also been taking some time out with old plate cameras, developing film or plates chemically, and printing by sunlight, just as my father showed me back in the fifties, and much as it would have been done in the late 19th century. It will be interesting to see where this leads.